Santoor is a Persian word, and it means a hundred strings. It is the oldest known string instrument of India. In Sanskrit, it is called the Shata Tantri Veena or “a hundred-stringed lute.” Santoor is a unique Indian string instrument that is not plucked or bowed but is played with a pair of light wooden sticks while sitting in a “Padmasana” or “Ardha-padmasana” position and placing it on top of the lap.

Originally in India, it was only heard in the hills and valleys of Kashmir. It was first presented on the classical stage by the maestro Pandit Shivkumar Sharma and has ever since taken its place in the hearts of millions around the world.

“Soulful Sounds of the Santoor” –  An unmatched path to Raga Meditation & Music Therapy

Indian classical music therapy is an adjuvant therapy arising from ancestral wisdom & ancient scriptures. Our ancestors who were spiritually evolved had attained a higher life state and had realized the essential harmony between the human beings, raga-based sounds, and nature.
Thorough knowledge and deep understanding of the same resides in the Vedas. Gandharva Veda, which is a constituent of Sama Veda, is regarded as the Veda of Music. The science of meditation, Indian classical music & chants are the roots of  Sama Veda.

Indian classical music empowers our 7 chakras (the seven chakras are the centers in our bodies through which the energy flows). The energy waves & vibrations produced by raga based sounds harmonize our chakras. These sounds enlighten and activate all the nerves in the brain, which in return, illuminates our heart, mind & soul.

Raga based sounds accentuate meditation and natural healing creating moods of human psyche such as heating, cooling, soothing, positivity, peace, happiness, serenity, devotion etc. Each raga creates a distinct emotion & mood. For example, Raga Marwa calls for a mood of self-reflection, deep calling, contemplation; Raga Lalit creates a mood of serenity, devotion & prayer;  Raga Alhaiya Bilawal instantly transcends us to attain joy and inner peace;  Raga Gavti & Raga Hansadhwani ‘s happy disposition sets the mood of joy, fulfillment, & euphoria; Raga Malkauns emotes calmness, peace, coolness & tranquility; Raga Bhatiyali speaks about nature, rivers & folklore; Raga Mia ki Todi generates a mood for self realization, self reflection, deep thinking, contemplation & melancholy;  Raga Yaman creates meditative emotions of devotion, romance, peace, tranquility & serenity;  The list is never ending.

Listening to the santoor is immensely therapeutic.  The scintillating sounds of the Santoor are soulful, soothing, eternal & peaceful. Raga-based Meditation & Music Therapy seamlessly synergize with the sounds of the santoor creating an unrivaled experience, empowering souls and enabling natural healing.